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Louisville Youth League Baseball Bats

Louisville Genesis 2-1/4" Tee Ball USA Bat -11oz YBGN14URR (2014)
Louisville Omaha 518 2-5/8" Youth USA Bat WTLUBO518B10 -10oz (2018)
Louisville Slugger Select Y243 Maple Bat WTLWYM243A17 (2017)

Louisville Genesis 2-1/4" -11 (2014)

Sale! $19.95
Save: $10.00 (33% off)

Louisville Omaha 518 2-5/8" -10oz (2017)

Sale! $99.95
Save: $20.00 (17% off)

Louisville Slugger Select Y243 Maple Bat (2017)

Sale! $39.95
Save: $5.00 (11% off)
Louisville Slugger Solo 2-5/8" USA Baseball Bat -11oz WTLUBS618B11 (2018)
What is the New 2018 USABat Youth Bat Standard?

Louisville Slugger Solo 2-5/8" -11oz (2018)

Sale! $179.95
Save: $20.00 (10% off)

What is the New 2018 USABat Youth Bat Standard?

Louisville LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL BATS Louisville Little League Baseball Bats features:

The Louisville little league baseball bats are extremely popular among the youth for their utility and durability. They are available in a variety of models and are made of different materials. The 2005 Louisville Warrior Youth Baseball Bat, 2005 Louisville Omaha Youth baseball Bat, Louisville Omaha Youth Baseball Bat, Louisville Omaha Classic Tee-Ball Bat are some models in the category of Louisville little league baseball bats.

The 2005 Louisville Slugger Warrior Youth Baseball Bat is a new addition to the range of bats made by Louisville Slugger. This contains the new Warrior alloy which is the strongest alloy to be introduced by Louisville Slugger. The Warrior alloy makes the bats sturdy, durable and valuable. The Louisville Slugger YB 203Gen 1 X -12.5 Youth Baseball Bat is another popular model. It is a bat made of Louisville’s new GEN 1 X alloy. It is a -12.5 drop youth baseball bat. It has 2 ¼ inch barrel. It features the patented the Sims Sting Stop System and Pro Cup end cap and Synthetic grip to reduce fatigue and provide better control. It has 13/16 inch standard handle for optimum performance. The Louisville little league baseball bats are the favorites of young players.

Another popular brand among the Louisville little league baseball bats is the 2005 Louisville Slugger Omaha XS Youth Baseball Bat. This bat features Scandium XS alloy which undergoes a proprietary heat treatment which maximizes the performance and durability of the Omaha XS bat. This bat also features patented techniques from Louisville Slugger. The Sims Sting Stop system, the Pro Cup end cap, Synthetic grip, 7/8” standard handle, 2 ¼ “ barrel are the special features which are common to Louisville bats. This model has -12 weight drop. The Louisville little league baseball bats are approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony and AABC. They come in 28”/16oz, 29”/17oz, 30”/18oz and 31”/19oz sizes. Louisville little league baseball bats are an excellent choice as gifts for the young ones.

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