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Axe Bat Element Fastpitch Bat -12oz (2018)

Chop down the competition!

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MAD MAX says:
    While in the past we have not carried Axe Bat fastpitch bats, we decided to change that in 2018. These bats have been in very high demand from many of our customers. The Axe Bat Element fastpitch bat is going to be a one-piece, all-aluminum design with a hyperwhip composite end cap. This will give players the durability of an aluminum bat with a faster swing speed due to the end cap being a light composite. One glaring difference from the Axe bats and pretty much every other bat on the market is that these bats have that Axe Bat handle. This revolutionary handle design is more comfortable for many people and helps you be quicker to the ball and generate more power. This handle also allows for one-sided hitting, where one side of the bat can be engineered for hitting while the other side can be reinforcement. This bat is on sale for below retail, which is very rare for any Axe bats, so be sure to jump on this deal when you can! Get ready to chop down the competition with this Axe Bat Element!


  • 1-piece alloy construction, balanced for contact, speed, and power
  • Premium Mantic Alloy Barrel our strongest ever delivers explosive pop and superior durability for the lifetime of your bat
  • HyperWhip End Cap removes unnecessary weight from the tip of the bat for a faster swing, bigger barrel, and larger sweet spot
  • Engineered Hitting Zone extends maximal performance and strength to the entire 270 contact area, so you'll never need to rotate your barrel for durability a benefit you only get by swinging an Axe Bat Handle
  • Shock-absorbing Endogrid technology built into the handle reduces vibrations to the bottom hand and stops the stings commonly felt while swinging a one-piece bat
  • Patented Axe Bat Handle enables your best swing, more often maximizing bat speed and improving barrel control for harder, more consistent contact
  • 2-1/4" barrel
  • Approved for play by ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF, NCAA, and NFHS

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    Axe Bat Element Fastpitch Bat L151F -12oz (2018)


    ASA 2004 Certified Softball Bat
    USSSA Certified Softball Bat

    ASA 2004 Certified Softball Bat

    All bats in ASA Championship Play must pass the ASA 2004 bat standard. All bats having the 2004 certification mark will be allowed in ASA Championship Play. Bats that have the 2000 certification mark will not be allowed in ASA Championship Play unless they are listed on an approved bat list on the ASA website.

    USSSA Certified Softball Bat

    USSSA has used a 1.20 BPF standard in its softball programs for 15 years. The BPF standard was developed by NYU Physics Professor Dr. Richard A. Brandt over 15 years ago. The BPF standard is based on fundamental laws of physics that allow Dr. Brandt's testing lab to measure the relative performance of bats to be used in USSSA play.

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Axe Bat | L151F |


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