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Barrel Max Bat Warmer Cover with Free Warmers

Keep your barrel preforming like it should!

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MAD MAX says:
    It is that time of year where getting one of these items is a great investment. The Barrel Max is one of my favorite products we carry. The Barrel Max will not only protect your bat, it will keep it warm. The Barrel Max comes with heart-warmers that go in a slit and keep your bat warm. The advantages are off the charts. It will eliminate vibration and help it not dent or break. Those are all things that cold weather can cause.

    Bats not included.

    Barrel Max is a bat warmer shield that not only protects your bat but also has hand warmer pockets to keep your bat hot. Barrel Max products are specially designed to protect your costly bats from dings, dents and chips. If you have invested in a quality baseball bat, why not invest in a baseball bat sleeve that will protect your bat and provide comfort and longevity?

    Barrel Max allows you to heat the barrel of your bat for better hitting. It eliminates bat vibration and improves bat flexibility while preventing serious bat damage. Baseball and softball players ranging from T-ball to college level recognize that Barrel Max is an essential tool for maintaining your bat and keeping it warm during those cold tournament games and practices.

    Don't have a microwave handy? Other similar products require a microwave , but not Barrel Max -- just open up a few hand warmer packs and slide them right into the Barrel Max pockets. This bat warmer sleeve is designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort while maintaining a certain ease of use. Its simple and user-friendly design makes it possible for it to be hung, which makes it easy to access while you're on the field.

    Barrel Max Bat Warmer Cover with Free Warmers

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