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Demarini CF Zen 2-5/8" Big Barrel USSSA Bat -5oz (2019)

The other team will have to make a call to the bullpen, when you are swinging the CF Zen

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MAD MAX says:
    Shout out to all the senior league players who are going to slay the competition with CF Zen this season. DeMarini has been working overtime for the past two years to bring this bat to market. The 2019 CF Zen is different than any CF series before it. This bat is stamped to meet all USSSA standards of play. DeMarini hasnít had a -5oz in the lineup since 2017, so we are very excited about this bat. If you happen to have been a fan of that 2017 CF Zen, we know that this one will perform even better. DeMarini has constructed this new bat with upgraded Paraflex+ Composite resulting in the production of more consistent barrels. Another new feature that has been added is 3Fusion technology in the handle and end cap. The 3Fusion tech allows for more consistent weight control and overall feel. That same technology in the end cap Mad Maximizes the sweet spot, creates satisfying sounds and enhances overall feel through the barrel. Our favorite part is the X-lite knob, which was masterfully created to fit the player's hand. You definitely want to feel that comfort while up to bat. This bat is certainly worth the investment because it comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. There is so much safety and security knowing your bat is protected for one whole year. Trust your intuition and get ready to hit dingers with the new CF Zen 2019.


    The new 2019 CF Zen (-5) 2-5/8" bat from DeMarini is different than any CF Series bat before it. Certified for and made to meet all USSSA standards, this bat is designed with the same insane dedication to performance that players have come to love. To change the game, you sometimes have to build from the ground up. DeMarini's new Paraflex+ Composite material is exposed to the perfect temperature for the perfect amount of time to create the most consistently responsive barrel possible. A new X-Lite knob designed to perfectly fit playersí hands pairs flawlessly with this proprietary technology. The 2019 DeMarini lineup also features the patented 3Fusion System for improved weight control and an optimized feel from top to bottom, especially in the sweet spot. Itís time to get to work.


  • Paraflex+ Composite construction for more precise weight distribution
  • 3Fusion Handle for greater weight control and feel
  • 3Fusion End Cap optimizes sweet spot, sound and feel through the barrel
  • X-Lite Knob is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit players' hands
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

  • Demarini CF Zen 2-5/8" Big Barrel USSSA Bat WTDXCB519 -5oz (2019)


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