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Demarini Corndog End-Loaded Slowpitch Bat ASA/USSSA (2017)

Who doesn't love corndogs?

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MAD MAX says:
    Grab yourself a corndog after the game and take a big bite to celebrate your victory with the 2017 DeMarini Slowpitch End-Loaded Bat. It is approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA. Please consult with your league to make sure the bat you are purchasing is legal for play. The DeMarini Corndog was proudly designed and assembled in the great USA so swing your bat proud. We recommend this bat for wood-only leagues and those who can boast a powerful swing. The Corndog Slowpitch is constructed with a Pro Maple barrel and is fully end-loaded for power hitters. The Paraflex Composite Handle features 22% stronger carbon fibrs to enhance weight distribution. The 2-1/4Ē barrel diameter helps players to swing through the zone without sacrificing your speed. Order yours today from closeoutbats because the price is low and who doesnít like corndogs?


    Perfect for wood-only leagues, the Corndog brings the lumber with an end-loaded Pro Maple barrel.

  • Pro Maple: End-loaded barrel
  • Paraflex Composite Handle: With 22% stronger carbon fibers, the Paraflex Composite technology allows for more precise weight distribution
  • Barrel Diameter: 2 1/4 Inches
  • Certification: ASA, ISA, NSA, USSSA

  • Demarini Corndog End-Loaded Slowpitch Bat ASA/USSSA WTDXCDS-17 (2017)

    ASA 2013 Certified Slowpitch Bat

    ASA 2013 Certified Slowpitch Bat

    There will be a new Certification Mark to be used on future bat models manufactured for the game of Slow Pitch for 2013 and beyond. The current 2000 and 2004 Certification Marks will continue to be valid Marks for the existing Slow Pitch bats.

    Any new models produced by the manufacturers will display the new Certification Mark for bats used in the game of Slow Pitch Softball for ASA.

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Demarini | WTDXCDS-17 |


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    Page Name: Demarini Corndog End-Loaded Slowpitch Bat ASA/USSSA WTDXCDS-17 (2017)
    Product Code: demarini-WTDXCDS17

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