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DeMarini D-Lab CF-XD Fastpitch Bat -10oz (2019)

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MAD MAX says:
    ALL NEW FOR 2019 is the CF-Extended. Have you ever had the problem of needing to choke up in the batter's box? Itís a very common practice as it is a great way to increase bat speed. However, you lose power when your hand isn't on the knob of the bat. The CF-Extended truly fixes this common problem by having an adjustable knob. You can change your bat length by an entire inch with just the turn of a knob! This bat still has all of the amazing performance features, such as the Paraflex Composite and 3-fusion system, but with the added benefit of the adjustable on-demand knob. Your swings will be splendid when you're swinging the all-new CF Extended.


    The Problem
    It's a very common practice for hitters to choke-up in the batter's box.

    Choking up decreases the length of the bat which allows players to increase bat speed, shorten their swing, and gain inside plate coverage and control. The tradeoff is a significant loss of power because the playerís hand is no longer positioned properly on the knob.

    Choking up is especially common with young players who have been provided the wrong size bat, which can impact their swing mechanics and hinder development.

    The D-LAB set out to develop one bat with an adjustable knob that creates multiple bat lengths. This advancement will mitigate the loss of power associated with choking up.

    The Prcoess
    The first solution involved a removable knob, a second attempt leaned on three interlocking components -- both proved to be too cumbersome and time-consuming for in-game situations.

    The idea that knocked it out of the park? We created a sliding and locking knob. One simple component that could move along the batís handle -- no additional tools or equipment.

    Our engineers built hittable prototypes using 3D printers. Weíd take the bats to the cages, get player feedback, refine and repeat.

    The Data
    By creating an adjustable knob, players can better control the MOI of their bat -- experiencing all the benefits of choking up while minimizing loss of power.

    MOI reduces by 5% per half-inch of bat length change which translates to a 10% reduction for 1 inch. This technology requires 7-10 lbs. of force to lock and unlock the knob and was tested at multiple age levels to ensure the knob was functional for younger players.


  • AOD Knob
    • The Adjustable on Demand (AOD) Knob completely redefines what a bat can do. This game-changing technology enables batters to make real-time adjustments at the plate. Whether choking up or extending the bat length for more plate coverages, hitters can maintain their normal swing mechanics while minimizing power loss.
      • Adjustable in half-inch increments (0, 0.5 and 1 inch)
      • By changing the batís effective length, the AOD Knob allows players to change the batís MOI (Moment of Inertia)
  • Paraflex+ Composite
    • New Paraflex+ Composite is cured for consistency. By exposing the barrel to the perfect temperature for the perfect amount of time, we can ensure the most dependable responsive barrel imaginable.
  • 3Fusion System
    • The next generation of D-Fusion technology. Streamlined design allows for greater weight control and feel while continuing to reduce vibration and redirect energy back into the barrel. The 3Fusion Endcap works as part of the 3Fusion System to optimize bat weight control and performance.

    DeMarini D-Lab CF-XD Fastpitch Bat WTDXCFE19 -10oz (2019)

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