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Louisville Super Z Slowpitch Bat End-Loaded ASA/USSSA (2017)

Super power! Super Price! Super Z!

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MAD MAX says:
    This Louisville Super Z will have you singing I have got the power when you pick this bad boy up this season. It is stamped for approval in most leagues including ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF. That being said your options for using this bat are multi-purpose. It was created by Louisville as a direct replacement for the Z2000 from a few years back. Its all about high performance and the Z really brings the heat. The Louisville Super Z is jam-packed with advanced technology and multiple features. Those features include a 2-piece bat construction and 100% Spring Coil Composite Design (SRC). The barrel stands proudly at 12 and the end-loaded swing weight is where youll see that power. The barrel also has S1iD technology so no more frustrating break-in period. That stands for Swing1 inner Disc Technology allowing the barrel to flex to its mad maximizing allowable performance level from swing 1. This bat is game-ready fresh out the wrapper thanks again to Louisville. Two inner discs are positioned inside the barrel at the sweet spot to stop the barrel from flexing past performance limits. Exact positioning of iD within the barrel also increases performance around the sweet spot. It wont just feel better you will see better results because of this technology. You are sure to love this bats 7/8 tapered handle and a Friction Blast Finish (FBF) The Super Z also includes the iST Xs technology for an Xtra stiff connection between the barrel and handle giving the bat less handle flex and more barrel flex. The bright vibrant colors really pop and so will all the balls with this Louisville Super Z.


    The Super Z Endload bat features iST Xs Technology for an extra-stiff connection between the barrel and handle, allowing for less flex in the handle, but more in the barrel. The result is a massive sweet spot, and maximum trampoline off the barrel. This endloaded bat is built for power.

  • 100% Spring Recoil Composite (SRC) Design
  • iST Xs technology - Xtra stiff connection
  • 2-piece bat construction
  • S1iD technology
  • Endload swing weight
  • 12" barrel
  • 7/8" tapered handle
  • Friction Blast Finish (FBF)
  • ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA and ISF approved

    Louisville Super Z Slowpitch Bat End-Loaded ASA/USSSA WTLSZA17E (2017)


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Louisville Slugger | WTLSZA17E |


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    Page Name: Louisville Super Z Slowpitch Bat End-Loaded ASA/USSSA WTLSZA17E (2017)
    Product Code: WTLSZA17E

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