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Wilson A2K 12" Infield Glove (2018)

The Wilson A2K is A-OK and here to stay!

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MAD MAX says:
    This last year model 2018 Wilson A2K 12" infield glove is on sale now at CloseoutBats. We love the look of this glove with a nice blend of copper, black, and white throughout the glove. Itís crafted from flawless pro stock select leather and is dual welted for a quicker break-in. The Wilson A2K 1721 is top-of-the-line quality and features a double palm construction. That double palm construction helps to mad-maximize the pockets stability. This series is modeled after what the pros prefer and are built to last. This infield glove has a dual post web, and 3X more shaping at the factory also helps reduce break-in time. Order yours today from CloseoutBats so you donít miss out on this fantastic buying opportunity.


  • Dual Post Web
  • Copper, Black and White

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    Wilson A2K 12" Infield Glove WTA2KRB181721 (2018)


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