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DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat -8oz (2023)

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MAD MAX says:
    Highlights from Max's VIDEO REVIEW
  • Both the drop-9 and drop-8 CF models feature composite barrels and handles for optimal performance.
  • Provides additional power and durability, allowing the ball to travel further.
  • Known for its durability and high performance, ensuring reliable results on the field.
  • The CF remains a popular choice among college softball teams, indicating its effectiveness.
  • Offers consistent performance and durability, making it a reliable option for players.
  • DeMarini is expected to continue producing the CF for multiple seasons, ensuring its availability.

  • ROY'S RATING: 4.5 stars


    DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat WBD2368010 -8oz (2023)

  • Paraflex Composite barrel -- developed to deliver a massive sweet spot and maximum barrel control, this is the most consistently high-performing barrel in the game
  • 2-piece composite featuring the Type-V Connection and Paraflex Plus Composite handle deliver maximum energy transfer to the barrel, not your hands
  • Tracer End Cap -- molded with lightweight composite materials, this end cap is designed to enhance bat speed while maintaining powerful barrel performance
  • Perfect for the elite player looking to generate extreme swing speed without giving up power
  • Approved for USA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and WSBC
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

  • DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat WBD2368010 -8oz (2023)


    DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat WBD2368010 -8oz (2023)

    USA Softball Certified Fastpitch Bat
    USSSA Certified Softball Bat

    USA Softball Certified Fastpitch Bat

    USA Softball has begun transitioning to the new USA Softball Certification Marks for the 2020 calendar year. On behalf of equipment manufacturers, the USA Softball Equipment Testing and Certification Committee requested that the new certification marks be approved for the 2019 calendar year and the USA Softball Board of Directors approved the new marks (seen here) for 2019 USA Softball Championship Play.

    USSSA Certified Softball Bat

    USSSA has used a 1.20 BPF standard in its softball programs for 15 years. The BPF standard was developed by NYU Physics Professor Dr. Richard A. Brandt over 15 years ago. The BPF standard is based on fundamental laws of physics that allow Dr. Brandt's testing lab to measure the relative performance of bats to be used in USSSA play.

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