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DeMarini Bats and Gloves are the best that a player can get. They incorporate all the features that make them very special and distinct. The Slowpitch and Fastpitch bats made by DeMarini are of the highest quality and are durable. The gloves made by DeMarini have specific features which make them the ideal choice for professional players. DeMarini Bats And Gloves are available in different sizes to suit individual requirements of players.

DeMarini bats and gloves contain some of the most modern and advanced features. The Fastpitch Bats incorporate the Half&Half Technology which improves their longevity and makes them durable and dependable. This is an essential requirement especially considering the rigors of the game and the apprehensions of professional players. The DeMarini Doublewall Technology makes the Fastpitch Bats strong and sturdy as the name itself is indicative. The Slowpitch bats, in addition to using Half&Half Technology, also make use of Flex-Tuned Composite Handle for better grip for the player over the bat which is an equally essential requirement. The DeMarini Slowpitch Bats also have the DeMarini Evolution composite barrel which is unique. Both the Fastpitch and Slowpitch Bats come with full 12 month warranty which is an indication of the manufacturer's confidence in the product.

The DeMarini Gloves are exclusive and they contain many modern features to make them appeal to the modern day professional. They make use of the exclusive ECCO Leather, which is an innovation of DeMarini. This makes the product inherently strong, durable and therefore, reliable. The gloves also use Dri-Lex Ultra breathable lining which makes them easy to use and extremely comfortable. The gloves are available in different sizes to suit the requirements of individual players. With Aqua-Tech Leather Palm lining DeMarini Gloves provide high degree of comfort, superior moisture absorbing capacity, making things easy for the player. The gloves are preferred by professional players for their quality and durability. DeMarini Bats and Gloves are the preferred choices of discerning players.

DeMarini Bats manufactures high tech softball bats.

DEMARINI GUY: Our bats are going to come with what we call this rotation index here. You see numbers. It has got one through eight on there. And the same thing at the top of the barrel. It has got one through eight there.

Ideally, what you want to do with the bat... You don't always want to hit the bat in the same spot. You want to continue to rotate the bat. So that is just something specific that you will see on the bats that you might have a question about.

You always want to continue to rotate the bat and it extends the shelf life of the bat a little bit. Now the problem with that is, if a kid hits a homerun on number eight, guess what happens the next time he steps up there? He is right on number eight again because he knows that part of the bat is hot.

We will never say our bats have a break in period, but composite over time will break in a little bit. So you want to kind of break it in evenly throughout the bat. So that is helpful to always be rotating a bat through.


DEMARINI GUY: This is the hub end cap. This is the only bat that we have with the hub end cap on inside of the bat.

Rob: On the CF4?

DEMARINI GUY: On the CF4, because it is a wider barrel and a longer barrel. We made it internal, so that is going to bring the energy back out to the sweet spot of the bat.

Rob: Is that last year's?

DEMARINI GUY: This is just a different model end cap. The old CF4 last year had this end cap, and this is our Clutch end cap. They have the same purpose. They are both going to redistribute energy.

So say a ball hits the sweet spot of the bat. Energy from the bat is going to go outward this way. This is going to redirect some of it back to the spot where the bat is going to hit. Some of it is going to go out this way. Some of it is going to come back through the bat. So this helps redirect energy back into the sweet spot of the bat.

Rob: So the length of the barrel on the new bat extends to the point where...

DEMARINI GUY: Right. The barrels are pretty much the same on this. But the difference is by making this end cap this way, we were able to lengthen it down here more this way. Where this one starts to get skinnier here, this sweet spot is bigger throughout here now. So the sweet spot continues up through here.

This part on the old bat wasn't as sweet as this one, because you were losing energy as you went up to this end cap here. By making this an internal end cap and lengthening the barrel, this way you are going to get more of a sweet spot more through here than you would say through here on the old bat.

Do you have anything else to add on the Voodoo?

Roy: Negative.

DEMARINI GUY: So this is our Vendetta C6. This is a $299 bat. Baseball. That is going to be a $299 composite bat. So you have the high end CF4 $399 composite. Then you have our high end aluminum at $299. Then we have our single wall C6 composite. Now what does C6 mean?

C6 is our single wall composite bat. This one we talked about is a double wall composite bat. We made this Vendetta in a C6 composite. C6 composite is going to be a wider weave.

Rob: It is thicker?

DEMARINI GUY: Actually, no. We are just to say it is wider. That is what we will say. So the thickness in that bat... It is going to be a little bit thicker, yes, because it is not going to have two walls. It is going to be independent. So it is a slightly thicker bat.

Rob: When you say wider, do you mean the threads in it are wider?

DEMARINI GUY: Think of it is as a composite weaved this way where the pitch back composite we are able to thin it out and make it really tight like this. This one is actually going to be a little bit wider this way.

Rob: So there is more spacing in between... ?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes. You are going to have more spacing in there. Exactly. So you are going to get a single way trampoline effect opposed to a double wall trampoline here. What makes the Vendetta bat series unique is we have what we call our hybrid handle, which comes with the Rails technology.

This is actually two handles that work independently of one another. I say they work independently, but they are actually one handle. There is an inner handle that has a lot of flex. Our flex index goes up to five. Everyone has a different flex index.

These both are at 3.5, which is a little bit stiffer. The inner handle on this one is actually a 2.5, so you are going to have a lot of bend. And then the outer handle is going to be a little bit stiffer. It is going to be at 3.5.

So this one is going to flex at about a 3, which is much more flex than you are going to do with that. What that extra flex in the rails do on this, it absorbs all the vibration out through the bat.

So because you have a little more flex in there, you are going to have a little more bend in the bat. The rails actually absorb all the vibration. So if you go and hit this thing, you will not feel virtually anything on your hands. If you just take the bat and you bang it on the ground, you don't really feel anything, which is interesting.

Again, this is going to give you more flex, so it is going to be better for someone who is looking for a little more bat speed. These are built for a power player. They are going to be slightly more end loaded. This is going to be built with a little more flex. It is going to be a little more balanced. So this is going to be for your kid who is looking to get a little bit extra bat speed.

So that is what the Vendetta C6 is. Again, you are looking at a single wall composite opposed to a double wall, and you are going to get a little more flex in the handle than you would with the CF4

So that is what the Vendetta C6 is. Again, you are looking at a single wall composite opposed to a double wall, and you are going to get a little more flex in the handle than you would with the CF4. And again, this is our mid-level.

Rob: How much is it?


Roy: Maybe I missed this, but are the Vendetta C6 rails the same on... ?

DEMARINI GUY: The same on all the Vendetta handles. They are just different paint jobs.

And then this is the Vendetta aluminum. So this is the Vendetta C6 composite and this is going to be the Vendetta aluminum.

Rob: Two piece?

DEMARINI GUY: Same deal. All going to be two pieces. The difference with this one being you are going to have the hybrid rails handle, but you are going to have aluminum instead of composite.

So this is the SC4 alloy, which is our high end alloy just like our Voodoo, but the difference being that that has a pitch black composite handle. This one is going to have the rails handles. So you are going to get more flex in this bat.

Roy: So is it the same barrel as the... ?

DEMARINI GUY: Slightly different, but yes. Again, this one is built a little more balanced. This is our long barrel.

Roy: So the shell is longer.


Rob: On which one?

Roy: On the Voodoo.

DEMARINI GUY: Yes. On the Voodoo you are going to get a longer shell on the barrel. They are just built a little bit differently. The sweet spots are going to be virtually the same. But because of the handle on this one, you can tell that the handle is a lot longer than on the Voodoo. That absorbs more of the vibration.

So while it looks like the sweet spot is going to be bigger on this one, it is really not. It is about the same. But the barrels are built differently. But it is the same exact alloy there.

So this is going to be $249 for the Vendetta with the rails. Again, you are going to get a different grip on this. This is our pause attack grip opposed to our variegated comfort grip. This is just a little bit stiffer feeling grip. That one actually has got a little give to it. It is softer. This is actually more of like the old school grip. So that is what we are talking about with the Vendetta.

So again, these are built with a little more flex. You are going to get more bat speed with these two bats. And those two are going to be your high end power bats. So depending on what kind of hitter you are sometimes determines what kind of bat you want to swing.

Does that make sense, the difference between these? Again, you are going to get one that is composite and one that is aluminum. Same handle, the barrels are just going to be different.

Again, on aluminum you need to absorb more vibration. So the hybrid handle on this one has to be a little bit bigger to absorb more vibration. That is why. Again, composite absorbs more...

Rob: That is why the rails are longer on the Vendetta.

DEMARINI GUY: Correct. On the Vendetta without the C6. So that is why it is different. Again, the barrel's sweet spot is actually the same. But to absorb the vibration you need to make this handle a little bit bigger.


DEMARINI GUY: We call the Vexxum the bat that bends. It was our original two piece bat, the first one that kind of put DeMarini on the map.

Rob: When did Vexxum come out?

Roy: It has got to be three or four years.

DEMARINI GUY: It has got to be longer than that, I think. I think about six years. Maybe not. What was the first one? That ugly yellow and black one? Maybe about five or six years. We can find that out for you.

This year's Vexxum is going to look very similar to this. Obviously the color pattern is going to be different, but it is the same deal. You are going to have CS4 alloy. Instead of the pitch black plus composite handle, you are going to get this C6 composite handle.

All of our materials we use throughout all our bats. So now you are going to get that wider weave composite in the handle of the Vexxum. So what does the wider weave mean? Wider means you are going to get more flex, more give.

So while this is a 3.5 on the flex scale and it has got the stronger, more powerful composite in it, the Vexxum is going to have the wider weave one that is going to flex a little bit more. So you are looking at a 3 on the flex scale for that.

Rob: Why would that be important?

DEMARINI GUY: The flex is more for somebody who is lacking bat speed. If you think about it, this bat doesn�t have flex as much, so I have got to make sure to get it all the way around. So my power is going to come through there from myself. If I am lagging something that is going to have a little more flex, by bringing it slower through... It is kind of like a golf club. Do you ever see that? The more flex you have the more the bat is going to bend and then fire through the zone as you come through it.

Rob: So why would somebody not have bat speed?

DEMARINI GUY: They are not strong enough to swing a bat. There are multiple reasons why you wouldn't have bat speed. Again, it mostly comes down to strength. A lot of leagues now are going to make kids swing heavier bats because they are afraid of people getting hurt like that.

In that case, you probably want as much flex as possible if you were a smaller kid swinging a bat because it is just harder for you to get it around. So if you have a little more flex on there, as you come through the bat is going to help whip through the zone, creating more impact, hitting the ball further. That is why you would definitely want more flex on a bat.

So the Vexxum is going to be very similar to the Voodoo. Same alloy barrel. You are going to get a different composite handle. It is going to flex a little bit more, so you are going to have a little bit more whip through the zone. It is going to feel a little bit whippier when you swing it. Same grip, same everything else.

Roy: So there is no DeMarini baseball bat -3 that has a metal shaft. Every shaft is composite.

DEMARINI GUY: Incorrect. There is the brand new one that just came out which I will talk about in just a second.

Roy: What is the retail on that? Is it lower than $199?

DEMARINI GUY: I think it is $229 maybe. The Vexxum is at $199. And then this M2M, which is a brand new bat, is going to be at $229. And like he just said, all of our bats are going to have composite handles except for this brand new bat.

It is going to be M2M, which we call our metal to metal construction. Some players like to have two piece bats. But the one complaint is that they flex too much.

Rob: So why do they like a two piece bat over a one piece bat?

DEMARINI GUY: Because they like a bat that can flex through the zone to give them a little bit extra pop.

Rob: So they can feel the difference blindfolded?

DEMARINI GUY: Probably. You might be able to, too. A two piece bat has a slightly different feel. Again, if you are not used to swinging them, all of our bats will feel a little end loaded. It is not just one piece throughout the bat. You actually have two pieces working independently of each other.

So a guy who swung a Louisville exo-grid his whole life... The Omaha and the exo-grid, those are one piece bats. They are none for being just a one piece bat. So a kid who has swung that bat his whole life might not like the feel of this because it is going to be something different to him. He is going to get a little more give and a little more bend in the barrel.

At DEMARINI we are a two piece bat company. We will never be anything but a two piece bat company because that is just what we do. That is what we were founded on. We have constructed a bat that is going to feel a little stiffer, more like a one piece bat. It is not going to give as much.

The M2M is going to be just like the Vexxum or just like the Voodoo. You are going to have the SC4 alloy, the metal barrel, and instead of having a pitch black composite handle or the rails in the case of the Vexxum, or having the SC6 alloy, it is going to have a brand new M2M handle, which is just going to be an aluminum metal alloy handle.

So since it is two piece you are still going to get a little bit of give, but it is going to be a lot stiffer and it is going to feel more like a one piece bat.

Rob: So is that like the stiffest two piece bat ever?

DEMARINI GUY: It will be our stiffest two piece bat. It will be a 4 on our flex meter. The Voodoo and the CF4 were a 3.5. So this will be our stiffest bat on the market.

Roy: Why would it be more money than the Vexxum?

DEMARINI GUY: Which is using the composite? Because I think making the aluminum handle is actually a harder process than making the composite handle, because composite handles get shipped in overseas. Aluminum we are making here. That is what I am guessing.

Rob: So it is half made in the USA?

DEMARINI GUY: Well they are constructed in the USA. You know the Vendetta is made in the USA from top to bottom.

Rob: But all of them are assembled in the USA?

DEMARINI GUY: We have our own factory in Oregon. So we are not shipping overseas like Easton does. Now the reason this M2M came into existence was the Vexxum little league bat, as you know, was a dog. It really was just a bad bat. It sold because it was a good price point, but it had a sweet spot that was tiny.

The M2M in the little league is off the charts they said. That is the reason they brought it into existence. It is going to have a bigger sweet spot and it feels just so much better on a little league level than the Vexxum did.

You got some of those Vexxums, right? The barrel was like this big. It was so tiny.

Roy: It was all shaft.

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah. It was all shaft. Exactly. That is what she said.

Roy: Hopefully.

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah! So that is where that came from. They were actually going to get rid of Vexxum all together and leave the M2M throughout the whole line. Or they were going to call it the Vexxum and have it as aluminum and metal, but we said no. The Vexxum is a composite shaft with aluminum barrel. So we ended up making two bats.

The M2M is going to be available in a -3 and a -12 little league. That is it. There is not going to be anymore little league Vexxum. It is just going to be -3, -5, and -10 senior league. So that is where that came from.


Rob: When you say everything is the same, you mean... ?

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah. Exactly right down the line. We keep everything similar right down the line of all our bats. In little league, the only one that is going to be different is the Voodoo double wall -10.

Roy: Rob does that make sense for you?

Rob: Well yeah. The materials are the same.

DEMARINI GUY: Everything is the same.

Roy: But as far as when you go from the baseball to the senior league, that is a -3 and these are -8�s.

Rob: But is there a difference between the bats?

DEMARINI GUY: No. Just the length and weight is going to be different. Barrel size is actually exactly the same. We keep it 2 5/8 throughout. Everything is the same. Even in little league everything is going to remain the same, just the size of the barrel is going to shrink.

In little league, our Voodoo black in the -10 is actually a double wall aluminum bat.

Rob: Why did they do that?

DEMARINI GUY: So we have a little league in a -13 that is a single wall. We had a bat a few years ago that was called the F4 which did really well for us. It was a double wall aluminum bat. The problem is when we came out with the CF4, it kind of eliminated that, but we wanted to keep the double wall aluminum for the kids who liked that line. So they added it to the Voodoo line. So now you have a double wall aluminum bat in the Voodoo line, only at the -10 level. Everything else is going to be the single wall aluminum. If that makes sense.

Rob: I think so. After a while it kind of...

DEMARINI GUY: It all blends together. If you are just going through the catalogue, all you need to know is that the -10 Voodoo is going to be a double wall aluminum bat. And again, it is just going to be two aluminum walls working independently.

Rob: Is it the same aluminum in each wall?


Rob: So what is the difference between a single way aluminum bat and a double wall aluminum bat of the same thickness? The two walls being separate gives you the trampoline effect?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes. Because you are making it a thinner... .You can't make a double wall aluminum at that size. You can't form it correctly on a bigger barrel. This is what I have been told. On the bigger barrels, you can't form an aluminum double wall bat to work effectively.

But at the smaller levels, since you are doing a smaller barrel and you are working with less material... This one kind of gets bigger as it goes up. That one is almost flat across. So you can actually make it a double wall aluminum. It is actually a smaller barrel than our -13, which is...

Rob: They are both little league bats?

DEMARINI GUY: They are both little league bats, but that one is actually going to have a smaller barrel, the -10. Again, this was a bat that did well for us, and they wanted to keep it in the line, so that is why it got moved to here. But this is your -13 little league bat.

Rob: So are those different skews?

DEMARINI GUY: They are different skews. As you can see, this is one inch bigger, but you are going to get a smaller barrel and it is going to be a double wall.

Rob: So you are trading the sweet spot size for a trampolining effect?


Roy: And the -13 sells better.

Rob: And it is lighter?

Roy: Yeah. You have to be a stronger, bigger kid to use that bat.

Rob: To use the -13?

Roy: To use the -10. It is a heavier bat.

DEMARINI GUY: So it is for a kid who is a little bit bigger and stronger; more of a power hitter. Most little league bats are -11 and -13. Not many kids are swinging a -10. It just doesn�t make sense. That is usually a senior league size weight drop.


DEMARINI GUY: ... the specifics of our bats; the materials, what we call everything. It is the same throughout every line. We don�t change it. Our high end softball bat has got the same materials in it that our high end baseball bat does.

Rob: So do you only have two types of composite material?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes. Softball and baseball have the same types of material. Slow pitch has a little bit of difference, because we were originally a slow pitch softball company. So we have a couple different composites in there. But I will talk about that when we get there. But whatever is in our baseball line, the same stuff is going to be in our softball line.

Rob: So the whole purpose of the DEMARINI company was two piece bats?


Rob: Did you invent that?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes. We were the first ones to do it and then everyone else followed it.

Rob: Knocked y'all off.

DEMARINI GUY: Well like Easton, they have their connection piece. That was their way that they got around...They said, "Well ours is connected. It is not actually two pieces." They kind of do both. They do their connection piece and they still have some that are just a regular one piece throughout.

Louisville claims to always be a one piece bat company, and if you look, they sure make bats that look like they are two pieces, don't they? They went after DeMarini when we first came out, and then they started making bats that look like two piece bats just to confuse people.

And their Triton up there, which was supposed to be there biggest bat in forever, it was a freaking dog. At least Easton changed it a little bit. They put that connection piece in there. That was their way of getting around two piece. That is fine. Easton makes good bats. I am not going to dog Easton. But Louisville? Their bats don't sell.

Rob: Do y'all sell a disproportionate amount of slow pitch softball bats because you started off that way?

DEMARINI GUY: It used to be that way. But now our baseball bats and especially our fast pitch bats are probably pretty hot. Again, we were in that slow pitch market forever.

Roy: Yeah. DeMarini was really a men's bat. From the beginning, slow pitch softball was where they were. Dean Marini, who obviously was the starter and inventor of the company, he was a softball guy. And then slowly but surely they kind of start to enter a little bit of the baseball market. I would say four or five years ago was when it all of a sudden started to come on a little bit. In the past two seasons you have seen little league, senior league, fast pitch really come on strong.

Slow pitch still does really well, but they are kind of pumping on all cylinders right now.

Rob: When did they get bought out by Wilson?

DEMARINI GUY: About six years ago.

Roy: It is still kind of thought of as DeMarini?

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah, because DeMarini had brand recognition within the industry.

Rob: That is why it doesn�t have a Wilson logo on it?

DEMARINI GUY: Right. All our bats will always be DeMarini.

Roy: Also known as Dan Marini, DeMartini, Dean Martini, or Dean Marino

DEMARINI GUY: What helped us, too, was we signed a couple schools. We signed Oregon State a few years ago and they won back to back national championships swinging our bats.

Roy: Let's put it this way. Nike for example. Georgia two world series ago was runner up. My feeling is they were using Nike. Where is Nike?

DEMARINI GUY: Worst bat in history next to Reebok. So like he said. Baseball was really hot... Our first F3, the red one, came out and was good. Then the black one came out and it was really good. This F4 this year has been great.

Fast pitch has been unbelievable. The growth we have had in fast pitch has been tremendous. The Phoenix was the first one. Last year's F3 did tremendous.

Rob: Do we sell proportionate amounts of DeMarini bats or is it still weighted towards men's softball?

Roy: No. I assume we sell more fast pitch than we do slow pitch. We slay it when it comes to fast pitch softball.

Rob: Why are they coming on strong like that? Is it new? Are they hotter?

Roy: Don't get me wrong. Easton is still the top dog. However, DeMarini is closing the gap. They are coming on. Louisville used to own most of the market. Now when I tell you they own nothing, they own nothing. They sell less expensive bats, $99 and under. That is where Louisville Slugger is in the business. They have a bat for $79.95 and $99.95. I do pretty well with those. $199? $299? Forget it. When I tell you I buy eight pieces, at the end of the year I have six left and I give them away at cost and move on. But yeah, it is just a dog and a half.

Rob: So DeMarini is definitely like a strong 2nd in the fast pitch?

DEMARINI GUY: In the high end, yes. I would say we are top of the line. Easton's bat didn't do that great. There bat was just OK this year.

Roy: It did pretty well.

DEMARINI GUY: We gained a lot of ground. We will never be Easton. That is what they do. Everyone knows them. But we thought we had an opportunity to gain some ground on Louisville because there product was just performing inferior. They were just not making a good high end product. I don't know if we took any share away from Easton, but I think we gained a lot of Louisville.

Roy: I think Easton owns 50% of it. DeMarini owns 40% of it. Louisville owns not even 1%. They own nothing. I could not carry them and not miss a beat. Mikken and Anderson have come on. But Anderson is very specialty. They have a heavy bat, so that takes a lot of girls right out of the picture. If you are not big and strong, you can't use it, so forget it. But it is a wonderful bat. We do decent with it. And that is it.

Mizuno is meaningless. Rawlings, meaningless. Combat, again, minimal.

DEMARINI GUY: They are breaking their way along.

Roy: Fast pitch softball is not their cup of tea right now. So again, from what I sell, Easton is at 50% and DeMarini at 40%. Could that go reverse? Yeah, it could.

DEMARINI GUY: So again, the CF4 is our high end girls fast pitch bat. Same deal as our baseball bat. You are going to get the pitch black plus composite, which is our high end composite weave. Double wall composite.

Roy: Does it say double wall on the barrel?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes. "Half and Half Double wall." So you are in the best composite. You are going to have the thinnest walls working with Silver Trace giving you the strongest composite for the best trampoline effect off this bat. Because of the way the barrel was made, you are going to have the old Clutch end cap on here.

Rob: Because it is double wall?

DEMARINI GUY: No. It is just the way the barrel is formed. As you can see, that is much more of a wider barrel, so that is why it uses that end cap. But again, all this one does is it redirects the power back to the sweet spot of where the ball is hit.

This is available in a -10, which is the most popular softball size. We also have it in a -9 and -8 weight drop. The -9 is going to be an ounce lighter, but the barrel itself is going to be more balanced like this bat.

Last year's F3, the -9 was end loaded. It was more handle, less barrel, more power in the end. The new F4 -9 is going to be a longer barrel like this, more balanced. We made it that way because we saw some girls wanting to swing a little heavier bat, but they didn't like that big end loaded feeling to it.

And we also have this available in a -8 drop, too.

Rob: Those are separate SKUs?

DEMARINI GUY: Separate SKUs, yeah. You have three separate SKUs. And the -8 is again, bigger handle, smaller barrel, more end loaded.

Roy: What is the difference between this CF4 and CF3 from last year?

DEMARINI GUY: Again, you are using the pitch black plus composite, so you are getting a stronger composite weave. It is just a better composite that we are using in that. It is just going to be a more powerful composite.

Rob: Why would people think that if something is more durable... Is it like something burns brighter and burns out? The hotter the bat, the shorter the life span? Is that the perception?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes and no. Honestly, you want a bat that is going to last and perform. But the fact of the matter is, if a bat is going to perform out of the wrapper, it is not going to last that long. That is just the way it is.

We try to make our bats as hot as possible. And everybody is trying to do this. ASA changed their regulations two years ago. You have got to keep within the restrictions. The bat cannot break in over time and go out of their restrictions.

Rob: At what percentage is that bat hot coming out of the wrapper?

DEMARINI GUY: I would say 99%. It will break in very, very minimally. There will be players that tell you it is going to break in a little bit, but the fact of the matter is we make this bat as hot as it could possibly be right out the wrapper.

Now again, a bat is going to be at its hottest right before it breaks. That is just the way it is, especially on the composite end.

Right before a bat breaks is going to be the hottest it is going to be. The composite is stressed so far to a point where you are getting the most flex out of that, but any more flex and it is breaking. So that is why a bat is always hotter before it breaks.

And again, before ASA changed regulations, everybody was making composite bats that would just break in over time. They said, "All right. As long as it passes spec right out of the wrapper, you are fine." Then over time, people hit them against trees, take a hammer to them, do whatever they need to do, mallets, whatever, and that composite would break in and break in and get hotter and hotter and hotter.

Rob: So it would go from like 100 to 115 or whatever?

DEMARINI GUY: It would be craziness. And that is kind of what forced Easton to do their clear bat up there. People were doing different things with their bat. They were gutting them. They were breaking them in. That bat clearly shows that that bat has no tampering. The problem with that is people say that bat takes longer to break in.

So we designed this bat... By adding the pitch plus composite we were able to thin the walls even further. This is the CF4. By thinning the walls... We were still able to keep them strong. So you are getting thinner walls, but they are going to hold their performance, so the bat is going to perform very, very hot by adding that. So that is going to be the main difference between that bat. Where that one didn't have the Silver Trace technology, last year's CF3. So your walls are not going to be as thin as they were on this bat and they are not going to be as strong. So this bat will perform better out of the wrapper than that bat will because you are having thinner walls and there is no break in period.

Rob: So why does DeMarini improve their bats in the same line or family and Easton just repaints their bats? Is that a fair question to ask?

Roy: Well, in my opinion of being an impartial guy here, just because somebody says pitch black plus, to me that doesn't mean anything...


DEMARINI GUY: But again, if a bat is hot, kids will find out it is hot and they will buy it. This bat has been pretty hot. I have sold a lot of these. It has sold because it is performing. But everybody has a different opinion of what performance is. You will have people that love the freaking Anderson or the Rocket Tech bat up there and they will never swing another bat other than that one. They love that bat because of the way it feels.

So yes. Did Easton just do a paint job on their bats this year? Probably. Did we do that on some of our bats? Yeah, on occasion we will do it. But the fact of the matter is if we are adding something, if we are doing something, it is always in the way of performance.

Rob: Isn't that a gamble, though, because if it doesn't perform as well...

DEMARINI GUY: Sure. We have put some duds out there. It happens. But like with anything, you have got to take a shot to know if it is going to work. So that is why they said...

Rob: But why is there such a difference between what happens in the lab and what actually happens on the field? What conditions are happening on the field that cause..?

DEMARINI GUY: Temperature. Coldness especially. Composites do not perform as well in cold weather. Nobody will ever say that, but they just don't. The cold weather, I think, hardens the composite and doesn't give you enough effect on there. So that is something that can happen.

When you are producing thousands upon thousands of bats, there are going to be slight variations. It is just going to happen. We had a problem last year with one of our bats that was splintering. It wasn�t a problem with the bat. It was just the coating they were putting on the bat. The whole bat looked like it was shattering throughout the bat.

Roy: Oh, you mean the Crazy! There is a term for that, the Crazy.

Rob: That happens on guitars. It is actually a cool thing on guitars because it makes it look vintage and cool. But with bats I guess it is a bad thing.

DEMARINI GUY: But when you are dealing with composites, it is such a new area... We have this girl that works on our composites. She is really hot. But if you talk to her, you couldn�t even understand what she is saying when she talks about this S#!%. It is such an involved, really new department that they find out new stuff everyday.

We know one thing. The thinnest walls perform the best. But when you make a wall too thin, it breaks and it cracks. So if you can thin it out and still add strength to it, which that Silver Trace does, that is when you are going to get a bat that is really going to perform.

Ideally, you want a bat that is going to last forever and stay hot the whole time.

Rob: But is it realistic for someone who is a very serious baseball player or softball player to say that you want a bat, that even if it blasts out in one season, it is OK because you get your money's worth...

DEMARINI GUY: That is what it has come to.

Rob: They are disposable.

DEMARINI GUY: They are almost like a disposable commodity. And you know what? At the end of the year, that kid hit .350 and had 25 home runs using the Voodoo; he don�t give a damn if it broke. Next year he is going to come back to buy that same bat.

Look at the returns he has over here. Every time I come in here there are 20 or more bats there, because performance does not equal durability. It is just the way it is. The old Black Magic Easton was a freaking war club. You could do anything to that club... The ball didn�t go anywhere of that, but it lasted forever. But nowadays kids want performance.

Roy: Usually when a bat breaks and it has to be replaced, a consumer will say, "Let's look at something else." When a bat is very good (hot) and the bat breaks, they go, "I want the same one."

And sometimes kids will see bats break and break and break, but they want another one. It is that good. It performs so good that they still want it.

Rob: So do hotter bats have a shorter lifespan?


Rob: Can we say that? Can we get

Roy: Performance has gone up.

Rob: You have two totally different sciences here with the aluminums and the composites. Do you have to have two different kind of experts?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes and no. It is two different sciences, yet it is the same effect. You want to try to build durability, but that is always second to performance. Performance is number one.

Roy: I am waiting for a manufacturer to go, "30 day warranty."

Rob: It is that hot.

Roy: Let�s put it this way. We sell a demo bat and the manufacturer does not warranty it because they are selling something cheap, cheap, and we are making strong money on it, which is why I can put my neck on the line and say, "I will give you 90 days."


And there are guys that say, "Well I am only playing summer tournament ball and next year I am going to the bigger field so I need a bigger bat, so 90 days suits me just fine."

People don't balk at 90 days.

DEMARINI GUY: But again, we are trying to make our bats as durable as possible, but we are not going to trade performance for durability. It is just not going to happen. Performance today to kids is what is most important.

Go on any chat site or any softball forum. All the kids are talking about is, "That bat is hot. This bat is so hot." They don't give a damn if they broke 10!

Rob: So what sites do you look at to see what folks are saying?

DEMARINI GUY: I can get them to it. I will email them to you. I have them at home. There are so many different places you can go.

A kid doesn’t care if he broke his F4 three times in a season. You know what he cared about? He hit three homeruns or four homeruns with it.

Roy: But what is interesting about these chat rooms is that... How we had that SCX 3 Extended bat. We had the exclusive on there. We had that order. They made them for us. The F4 or F4 special color. Or the bat that was written on there, �No warranty.� On those chat rooms is where somebody will go, �I got this new bat from called the no warranty bat... � And then all of a sudden it is like, Thank you!

DEMARINI GUY: He had a bat that he didn’t sell and he mistakenly put on his website for cost. Remember that? One dude bought it and within two days you were out of them. Word gets out like that!

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah! Once that word gets out, �Hey, has got the F4 at this price,� that stuff spreads like wildfire.

Again, it is performance definitely over durability. That is all I will say. It is totally opposite of everything else in the world. You want your car to be durable. You don�t give a crap if it... Well, some people want a performance car, but you want it to be durable.

DEMARINI GUY: It was a good time for 90 days! But I mean take a look at his warranty policy.

Roy: Yeah, but some of these have extreme issues. Some of them are blem's that dented that I had to eat. Quite honestly I shouldn't even have them sitting there. I should throw them in the dumpster.

But a lot of times, what happens is a guy will come in and say, "Hey, I just want a bat that I can beat the crap out of in the batting cage. $200 or $250 bat, Give me $40. Here you go." So at least I can kind of recoup a little.

Rob: But with that, if the dent is on the other side, does it still work as well?

DEMARINI GUY: You are not going to be able to use it in the game, but for batting cages...

Roy: As stupid as this sounds, this guy said, "We are working on hitting tires."

DEMARINI GUY: Even if it is a cracked composite... Like say that F4 right there. It is beat up, but that might be good to take in the cage, because you want to have the same bat in the cage and you don�t want to use your good bat to hit in the cage.


But some of these are... Like here. This is a good example. Look at the end of that by the end cap where that piece is... Or this was a demo. You can feel the dent in it. This is a demo bat, so again, I warranty it.

DEMARINI GUY: So that is the paint. You can see the composite. That is a chip in the paint there at the end of the bat. Now is there anything really wrong with this bat? No. You probably won�t be able to use it in a game, but a kid could take it to the cage.

Roy: But feel this.

Rob: OH, OK. So is that from hitting a ball?

Roy: Probably hitting a ball. This one is dented also. So again, this is no warranty, no warranty. These are bats I am just eating. So again, they are just sitting here. I should have just taken them to the dumpster, but, anyway.

DEMARINI GUY: So yes. Performance outweighs durability by far.


DEMARINI GUY: If a kid is hitting great with a bat, he doesn�t care how many times he breaks it. He is not going to change bats. It is just that way. That is why he stays in business, because people want...

OK. So that is the CF4 high end composite. Was $279 last year. It is $299 this year because we did so well with it. We are going to jack up the price, but you are getting a little bit more.


The Ultimate Weapon. You will be stocking up on those. They went to the original Ultimate Weapon, all silver looking bat. It is in the catalogue. It is ugly. It is really ugly.

Rob: From 1979?

DEMARINI GUY: It is old school. I don�t know. There might be some guys who want it.

Rob: So they were like, "Hey, we don't have to hire the graphic design department! We can just fire them!"

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah. "Use this one! It is retro!"

So, CF4, $299, -10, -9, -8, all same price. -8 is going to be really end loaded, smaller barrel. The -10 and the -9 are going to be more balanced. That was different than last year, because the 9 last year was end loaded. The -9 this year is going to be balanced.

Roy: The CF3's are now all price protection, correct?


Roy: One hot thing that we have is we have the -9 in the CF3 that we bought as a closeout. So presently, where everything is $280 and $299, we are $199 on that bat because we bought it as they were getting rid of it.

DEMARINI GUY: I think there is a market out there for that -9.

Roy: I think so. It is a stronger girl. Hey, they sell it at Rocket Tech. But I guess my question is unrelated to product and what not. Have you or can you look into CF3's, like, "Hey, OK. It is over."

I mean it is August basically. All this is over. Everybody is winding down now because seasons are finishing come now. So the question is, from a CF3 standpoint, white, do they have... ?

DEMARINI GUY: Any left? I wonder if they do. I bet they are holding some for blems and stuff like that. Not blems, replacements. I wonder if they do have any. I will check into it.

OK. So then you go from that to the Vendetta. This is a $199 composite fast pitch bat. C6 composite, which is a step down from our pitch black composite, which is going to be the single wall wider weave. That is going to be the difference.

Instead of your double wall tight weave it is going to be your single wall wider weave. It is going to come with the hybrid handle with the rails technology in it. So you are going to get a little bit more flex in this bat. It is going to give you a little more whip through.

You are going to get a big barrel on this. This is going to be a price point item at $199. He sells it all day at $199.

Roy: It is a great bat. The person who buys that bat is the girl that wants a composite performance bat but physically cannot swing a -8, -9, or -10 drop in a composite bat. So they have to go something like this, or the Miken Rain, or the Easton Crystal.

DEMARINI GUY: And this market is really growing. I would say this is probably the fastest growing market, that travel ball...

Roy: And also, too, it is made in smaller sizes, like 29, 30 inch where these girls are 9, 10, 11 years old and they are spending $200 retail on that bat. The other ones are $250 and $300, not to say they wouldn't spend it. They would, but they just can't swing it.

Rob: What percentage of folks on a team could swing the heavier bat?

Roy: It is a very hard question to answer. It depends on the team.

DEMARINI GUY: This bat is mostly going to your travel team, starting at age 13 or 14. I would say this bat is more geared for your 10...

Roy: The girls that are hardcore can swing those high end performance bats because your results are better with those high end performance bats, if physical you can swing it. If you can't, it is just working against you. You are going to be late on everything. You are not going to be able to get the bat to do its dance, so to speak, and make it perform. So therefore you can go into something that is going to give you good performance but is lighter.

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah. You are getting 2 ounces lighter. You are going to get a really long balanced barrel. It has a huge sweet spot on here.

Rob: That is the Vendetta?

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah, this is the Vendetta for girl�s fast pitch.

Roy: We started this year with like 300 of those. That is our stocking order.

DEMARINI GUY: And you have sold tons.

Roy: It is a good number. Again, it is for that girl that is only 80 pounds.

DEMARINI GUY: And again, you are going to get the flex absorber. So for your younger girl who doesn�t want to sting her hands, you have got the hybrid handle here with the rails that absorb the vibration through the bat. It has been a really solid bat for us over the last year.

Rob: Just an aside on the sales levels of bats for you. Just take fast pitch bats in the past year. Can you bucket sales like, "OK. This one is... Our best sellers are huge." At what point... You said like a 300 initial order.

Roy: Well I think that our initial order was 300, which we just got in like last month. That basically is what I am considering my 2010 order. Prior to that, we might have said, "Give me six of every size right down the line." And then all of a sudden it is like every week, "Give me 12 more 30". Give me another 12 32. It was just continuous. Every week, every other week, we keep on getting more and more and more. It was like, "When is this going to stop?"It just kept on going.

DEMARINI GUY: We had a price point here that nobody was hitting for a while.

Roy: This bat and the Crystal were kind of the only ones. And actually, one of the reasons of course also, too, is that they offered a great deal on it. They had buy 12 get one; baker's dozen. So I took advantage of the baker�s dozen and said no problem. I will look at my numbers, see what I did.

DEMARINI GUY: This year, new to the line is going to be the Vendetta fast pitch aluminum bat double wall. Last year it was the Voodoo up there, a double wall aluminum bat with the C6 composite handle. This year it is going to be the Vendetta double wall aluminum, and you are going to have the rails handle there for the girls, available in a -11.

Roy: -10 and -11?

DEMARINI GUY: I think it is just going to be -11.

Roy: Just -11?

DEMARINI GUY: -11. Just -11. So you are going to have the -12 in the Vendetta and this Vendetta aluminum in a -11. And then also this year, instead of Cat bat at $99, we just did a paint job and we did a new bat. It is going to be this bat. This is a $99 bat, aluminum. It comes with our FRC handle. This is just a tool that absorbs vibration through the bat.

This is more of your traditional fast pitch bat where you see the skinny handle that goes into a long barrel like that opposed to those two. This is for your lower end player who wants a good bat. And you sell a lot of these, too.

This year it is going to be called the Bustos.

Christa Bustos is the best female hitter in the entire world. Do you know who she is? You have to meet her once. Google Christa Bustos one day and you will see.

DEMARINI GUY: Anyway, she is {so strong} She hits home runs every time up. They like intentionally walk her every time she comes to the plate because they don�t want to pitch to her.

So anyway, we had her design this bat. She is big into neon green. It is probably the {brightest} bat I have ever seen, but so be it. There she is. That is her.

She is a trip. From the streets of LA, rugged. We talked about her tricked out car when I was talking to her. It has the big gold chain with the thing on the bottom of it. Pretty awesome.

The girl knew her hitting, too. She talked about hitting like you wouldn't believe. Just unbelievable.

So yeah, that will be DeMarini's four high end bats in fast pitch. The CF43, the high end composite, the best composite, pitch black handle, pitch black barrel. That is $299.

And then the step down to $199 you are going to have the Vendetta in a -12, rails hybrid handle, C6 composite barrel.

Then a step down from that at $179 you will have the Vendetta aluminum double wall, rails.

And then at $99 you will have the Bustos, which is just going to be your basic aluminum bat.


DEMARINI GUY: Why didn't you get any of the J2's?

Roy: I did. The white..?

DEMARINI GUY: The white J2.

Roy: The white steel?

DEMARINI GUY: No. The J2. This one. It has got the black and white graphics on it.

Roy: Dang salesman. I don't know. Where is it?

DEMARINI GUY: I don't know. I don't know why you didn't get any. You are probably missing out on all kinds of sales.

Roy: I would have not not ordered it.

DEMARINI GUY: It was on early release. I think you just picked one of them. You didn't want to do both of the high end ones for some reason. All right. Slow pitch.


DEMARINI GUY: J2 slow pitch softball. Again, all slow pitch bats are going to be 34 inch. 26, 27, 28 ounce.

Rob: Why is that? What are all slow pitch bats 34 inch?

DEMARINI GUY: Just the way it is.

Rob: You have little bitty dudes playing. You have big old hosses playing.

DEMARINI GUY: That is true. You are never going to have a bat that is more than 34 inches, though. The thing about it, with 34 inches you are getting a longer barrel on it. It is more about the weight. I think they figure that in men's softball, anyone swing a 34 inch bat. It is not like you have to catch up to someone whipping one at you.

The J2 is the first one that is out there. This is based off our Juggernaut bat which is the bat that we had last year. It was a popular two piece bat that we had. This year's is made with the same materials as our high end baseball and fast pitch bats.

Pitch black composite handle, pitch black composite barrel. That is the J2. So you are just going to have a composite, composite.

Roy: Did you go over the 1?

DEMARINI GUY: I am going to do that right now.

Rob: So why is it called a J2?

DEMARINI GUY: We had a little bit of name recognition with the Juggernaut, which was a pretty good bat for us. We sold that for the last two years. This one was just supposed to be the next version of that, because it is built the same way. So we went with the J2, which is the next version.

Rob: But it is identical in materials to the... ?

DEMARINI GUY: Yes. The CF4 got its name recognition in... First they had in baseball as a CF3 and then we kind of transferred it over to softball over the last year. But in slow pitch there never was a CF3, so that is why it had a different name. But same materials.

This is a brand new bat for us. This is the one we call The 1. This has a brand new composite we call our 4.1 composite. The 4.1 composite is meant to feel more like a one piece bat.

The standard for slow pitch softball, the best bat ever created, was the Miken Freak. Mikken made a bat a couple year sago...

Roy: The Ultra.

DEMARINI GUY: The Ultra, not the Freak. The Miken Ultra was the best performing slow pitch bat that ever existed. It was a one piece bat. The more you hit it the hotter it got. It just continually performed. There are guys today that will pay an extreme amount of money to get that bat.

Roy: It is illegal most places.

DEMARINI GUY: It is illegal, but it was just the hottest bat ever made. So that was kind of the standard throughout. It was a one piece bat. It was a real stiff bat, but it really performed well.

Guys who use DeMarini for a long time like the two piece feel. They like a little bit extra flex. They like the Juggernaut. We do miss out on the market. The guy who likes the one piece Mikens that are over there doesn�t like our bat because he likes a little bit of stiffer feel.

So we wanted to try to get everybody involved. So we made this bat, which is a 4.1 on our flex meter. Again, our stiffest bat that we make other than this is a 3.5. This one is a 4.1 on our scale of five. It is as stiff as you could possibly swing. There is not going to be a lot of flex in it. It is going to feel more like a one piece bat. So that is why we did that.

Double wall composite. Stiff composite barrel, stiff composite handle. Everything else is going to be the same, it is just going to be a stiffer composite that feels like a one piece bat. We are doing pretty well with this bat. I have seen a lot of them on the field. I don't know how you have sold them.

Roy: I have sold them pretty good.

DEMARINI GUY: It has been selling. It is a good bat. It looks sharp. It is one piece. So we are doing well with that.

So on the high end composite at $299, you are going to have the J2, which is going to be a pitch black composite barrel, pitch black composite handle, little more flex. And then you are going to have the 1, which is going to be a stiffer feeling composite bat with a 4.1 composite barrel. That is going to differentiate the two high end softball bats. J2 is going to have a little more flex. The 1 is going to be a little stiffer feel.

Step down from that, at $249 is going to be the Creature. You are going from our pitch black composite and our 4.1 composite to the C6 composite. Same composite that is in the Vendetta. Single wall. Any time you see C6 composite it is going to be the wider weave single wall. Just like in the Vendetta here, just like in the Vendetta C6 there. Same composite.

So this is going to be a single wall composite bat, wider weave, same thing. And this is an older barrel for us that we used to use. It is called our CRC handle.


That is just a carbon reinforced barrel. It is just a different type of composite barrel. It is older. But that is at $249.

The F4 is going to be our double wall aluminum, our C6 composite shaft. So it is going to be a white C6 composite with a double wall aluminum barrel. He is getting a bunch of them coming in this way. C6 composite handle. So F4 is going to be double wall aluminum, composite handle. SC4 alloy, which is our top end alloy, and then you get the C6 composite wider weave composite handle.

The next step down from that is going to be the 375. This bat is specifically made to hit the 375 compression slow pitch softballs which most leagues use. It is made of our DM1 alloy, which is a different type of alloy than our SC4. And it is going to be double wall aluminum one piece. So that is where we are a little bit different here. This 375 is just going to be a one piece alloy bat.

Rob: Is that the only one piece bat you make?

DEMARINI GUY: That and the Ultimate Weapon are both one piece. So 375, one piece, aluminum, double wall, specifically geared to the 375 softball. It has got our DM1 alloy on that.

Next from that is going to be our steel, AKA, our old White steel.

Roy: Is that the burgundy color?

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah. It is actually a really sharp looking bat. It has got our C6 composite handle, so same handle that is on the F4, that is on the Vexxum, that is on every C6 bat that we make. Except this one is going to have our steel single wall barrel. It is going to be one of the few bats that you will on the market that is going to be single wall. It is made of steel as opposed to aluminum. So it is going to have a really teeny ringy effect to it.

A lot of leagues are now going to, "You can't use double wall bats or composite bats."

Rob: Because of the trampoline?

DEMARINI GUY: Because of the trampoline. Old men get hit in the face with balls. So if you have a league specific to using a single wall bat, this is a good bat to have.

Roy: Very good.

DEMARINI GUY: C6 composite handle, steel barrel. Good bat. Does well for us. The F4 is $229. The 375 is $199.95. The Steel is $189.95.

Roy: They all sell pretty good.

DEMARINI GUY: Again, we have different price points. They are slightly different bats. Again, the slow pitch player can be the most fickle customer you will ever meet in your life. Really.

Roy: Arrogant. Lot of chuckleheads.

DEMARINI GUY: So yeah. So the Steel is good. Does it perform as well as the other ones? No. But as a single wall bat, for a league that is specifically single wall, it does really well, and it is under $200.

Roy: I have been at tournaments when I start talking to guys. They are like, "I love this! This is the only bat I swing with." Then later on they get up and swing, and I am like, "I have seen third graders swing better than you! Are you kidding me?" These guys talk like they are...

Everyone coach thinks he is Joe Torre and every guy thinks he is Derek Jeter. It is like, "OK. Good. You are tremendous dude. If I ever want to learn how to pop up to the pitcher, I will call you."

DEMARINI GUY: Yeah, so for a single wall specific league, that is a good bat. And then the Ultimate Weapon, which has been around forever. This year again. It is the 20th anniversary. Space Age alloy, it says it right on there for the Ultimate Weapon this year.

Rob: I thought the space age was like in the '60s.

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