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Bat Warranty FAQ

New aluminum and composite bats carry up to a one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects. Wood bats carry no warranty or guarantee unless they are a hybrid. This is described in the details of the bat.

Returning a New Bat (unused and unopened)

All unused, new bats in their original "shrink wrapped" packaging may be returned to within 30 days of purchase. Outbound shipping charges paid by are non-refundable, and the customer is responsible for shipping the item back to us unless a product was shipped in error. Please see our Returns Policy for complete details.

Returning Defective or Damaged Bats (out of the wrapper)

All defective or damaged aluminum and composite bats must be returned to the manufacturer for exchange within one year of the purchase date. The bat manufacturers' phone numbers are shown below for your convenience. Please call them directly to obtain a return authorization number (RA#). We recommend that you keep your bat invoice as your proof of purchase. The manufacturer's warranty will cover dents or cracks in the bat, or broken or loose end caps. The warranty will not cover paint scratches, chips, or damage to the grip of the bat.

  • Anderson Bats: (888) 777-4487
  • BamBooBat: (718) 698-0775
  • Combat Bats: (866) COMBATS (266-2287)
  • DeMarini Bats: (800) 937-2287
  • Easton Bats: (888) 259-1297
  • Louisville Bats: (800) 282-2287
  • Miken Bats: (877) 807-5291
  • Rawlings Bats: (877) 225-1041
  • Marucci Bats: (225) 291-2552
  • Worth Bats: (800) 282-9637

Bat Manufacturer's Warranty Information

Louisville Slugger Warranty

Louisville Slugger is proud to continue offering an industry-best one year limited warranty (may vary outside the U.S.) from the original purchasers receipt date. (The new SB116 Omaha is a "NO WARRANTY" bat.)

To avoid fraudulent claims, consumers must save original receipt (proof of purchase).

Fraudulent Claims

Making false or fraudulent claims is illegal. This includes altering or creating a counterfeit sales receipt to make an out-of-warranty product appear to be in-warranty and/or making a claims under a fictitious name or address or under any name or address not your own. Submitting such documentation to H&B for replacement is a violation of state and federal laws. H&B will retain any bat returned under a fraudulent claim and such conduct will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for further investigation which could result in Federal prosecution under the U.S. Mail Fraud Statutes. (18 USC, Citation 1341 and 1342)

Louisville Slugger's warranty obligation is to the original owner and is non-transferable. Louisville Slugger DOES NOT accept receipts from PayPal, Paypoint, eBay or other auction websites. Your receipt must be from an authorized Louisville Slugger dealer to receive warranty services.


While more durable than wood, aluminum and composite bats can break and possibly cause injury to the batter, other players, or spectators. Inspect your bat frequently for surface damages such as cracks, dents, chips or breaks. Do not use bats that are broken, chipped, dented, cracked or have loose end caps or knobs. Hillerich & Bradsby Co. reserves the right to refuse warranty service to any person whom the Louisville Slugger Warranty Department deems as abusing its products or warranty policy.

Louisville Slugger tries to keep up with any rule changes that may arise throughout different leagues. We do not make or change the rules and cannot replace bats that no longer comply with rules that have been changed.

DeMarini Warranty

Along with insane dedication to performance comes an insane dedication to quality. Our technology and durability is unmatched and we offer an exceptional warranty to secure your investment. If you have any questions or comments about your DeMarini, our customer service folks are available at (800) 937-2287.

"DeMarini offers an exceptional warranty to secure your investment. If under warranty, our policy is to provide you with repair or one time replacement of your bat within one year from the date of purchase. The DeMarini Factory Warranty covers the following three items- there are no other warranties.

1 -- A severely dented bat for one year from the date of purchase.

2 -- The end-plug and knob may be repaired or replaced if found defective for one year from the date of purchase.

3 -- Cracked from normal use for one year from the date of purchase.

No warranty without receipt. Please keep your receipt. This is a manufacturers warranty. Do not return your bat to the authorized dealer. Your original dated receipt from an authorized dealer is required. Bats not purchased from an authorized dealer do not carry a warranty of any kind. PayPal, eBay or any other auction site receipts will not be considered."

Easton Warranty

Easton prides itself on the quality and performance of its products which not only meet, but also exceed industry quality and durability standards. However, all materials are subject to fatigue and a possible breakdown over time.

Composite and Scandium Bats have an exclusive 400 day warranty; all other non-composite and non-scandium have one year warranty. Wood bats are not covered by warranty, except Pro Maple Composite bats have a limited 90 day warranty.

To extend the life of your bat, Easton Sports suggests the following:

  • Use with leather covered balls only
  • Limit the bat to your individual use only
  • Rotate the bat 1/4 turn each at-bat

    In order to validate the Warranty the following must be adhered to:

  • The product must be purchased within the US and must be from an Easton Authorized Dealer.
  • The consumer must have their original computerized cashier's receipt from the dealer as proof of purchase. Third party receipts, such as PayPal, PayPoint, etc. will not be accepted.

    Please Note: Bats returned for warranty without proof of purchase will not be warranted. Please do not attempt to return the product to your sporting goods dealer.

  • Products WITHOUT a Limited Warranty includes but are not limited to: Synergy CNT Plus SCN2.
  • Policy covers all manufacturing defects from normal field usage including: denting, cracking, breaking, loose or detached end cap, rattling.
  • This warranty does not cover: bats that have been abused, altered in any way or mistreated, bats that have been used in a commercial batting cages, bats that have been used in temperatures under 15 degrees C (60 degrees F), bats purchased at an auction, or on auction websites without the express written consent of Easton Sports, used bats purchased from re-sellers, any representation or warranty made by dealers beyond the provisions of this warranty, grip replacements.

  • Easton does not approve of or authorize the purchaser, or any other person, to physically alter the bat in any manner for use in any game under the jurisdiction or sponsorship of an association or organization that has set standards for performance bats. Alterations includes, but is not limited to: bat doctoring, rolling in a vice, hitting foreign objects other than approved balls, inner wall shaving, end-loading and any other action that is designed to change the character or performance attributes of the bat in any manner. Any suspected alterations of the bat will nullify the Easton warranty.

    Warranty coverage will be determined exclusively by Easton Sports. Easton cannot guarantee the warranty of your product until it is inspected and determined to be under warranty. Once received, if Easton Sports agrees that the product is defective, a repaired or replacement product will be shipped via Ground Delivery after up to three business days of receiving the defective item. If Easton Sports deems the item does not fall under the conditions listed above the product will be returned to you. Bats are limited to a two-time replacement from the date of purchase. Easton reserves the right to substitute similar product if necessary.


    Combat Warranty

    For Combat Bat Products - 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY

    We take extreme pride in our reputation for quality innovative bats, excellent value and unsurpassed customer service. Should you experience a problem with your bat, Combat has a one-year, one-time repair or replacement limited bat warranty, applicable to the end player user only. The Combat warranty covers all manufacturing defects from NORMAL individual player usage, including cracking or breaking, loose or detached end cap and rattling.

    Warranty coverage will be determined exclusively by Combat. Combat cannot guarantee the warranty of your product until it is inspected and determined to be under warranty by Combat. Combat reserves the right to substitute a similar product if necessary. Bats received without an original receipt or other proof of purchase acceptable to Combat will not be honored for warranty consideration. Product Registration on the website does NOT eliminate this condition, you MUST have a receipt.


    The policy does NOT cover (1) bats that have been doctored, altered or mistreated (2) bats that have been used outside their intended market category (ie: Slowpitch bats used for Baseball) (3) bats that have been used by teams or associations (4) bats that have been used in a commercial batting cage or for team batting practice.

    Combat will inspect the returned product and will determine if the product damage was caused by normal use and that there is no evidence of misuse, doctoring, heating, abuse or deception. Combat has the right to report any doctored bat to the applicable association.

    Under no circumstances shall Combat be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, whether the claim is based upon warranty, contract, negligence, strict liability or other cause of action. The warranty is provided only to the original individual, and cannot be assigned or transferred.

    Combat strives to engineer its softball and baseball bats to comply with current standards KNOWN by various governing associations. However, Combat cannot control changes in these standards or the testing procedures employed to check compliance with these standards. As such, we cannot guarantee that our bats will remain certified after any association makes changes to its certification standards and/or procedures. Combat shall not be liable for any damages resulting from any ban imposed on the bat by any association.

    Anderson Warranty

    Anderson Bat Company, LLC ("ABC"), warrants to the original purchaser only, that the bat purchased (a) conforms to ABC's specifications and (b) is free from defects of materials and workmanship. This warranty expires either (a) one year from the date of purchase or (b) after the end of the useful product life of the bat which is approximately 5,000 bat/ball impacts, whichever occurs sooner. If the original purchaser discovers within this period a failure of the bat to conform to ABC’s specifications or a defect in material or workmanship, the original purchaser must notify ABC promptly by calling ABC's warranty department toll free at 888-777-4487 to obtain a "Return Authorization Number." The original purchaser shall then send the bat together with the original receipt to ABC, shipping prepaid. For the mailing address, click here. The Return Authorization Number shall be conspicuously displayed on the outside of the shipping container. Upon receipt of the product and proof of purchase, our technical staff will examine the bat. ABC shall have the option to either repair or replace, at its discretion, bats found to have manufacturing or material defects. The substitution of a comparable model will be made should a discontinued bat no longer be available. If a replacement bat is sent, the replacement bat does not start a new one-year warranty unless explicitly stated in the Bat Inspection Report.

    ABC does not warrant any bat that has been (a) modified, (b) used in a batting cage, (c) used for a purpose other than for which it was designed, (d) used with balls exceeding 525 pounds of compression, (e) used in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit/15 degrees Celsius, (f) used as a "team bat" or (g) purchased through auction sites. Third party receipts, such as PayPal, Paypoint, etc., will not be accepted.


    Rawlings Warranty


    Rawlings will provide a one time bat repair or replacement within one year, or 400 days for qualifying bats, from the date of purchase. If the bat model is no longer available, it will be replaced with a model of Rawlings discretion. See your specific warranty card for the duration or contact customer service at 1-800-RAWLINGS. This guarantee covers breakage or cracking that results from normal usage. Abuse such as hitting metal cleats, rocks, or anything other than a ball can damage your bat and will void the warranty. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER bats that have been used in commercial batting cages.



    1. E-mail OR call 1-800-RAWLINGS to obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Please have the following information ready: model #, length, and date purchased.

    2. Once you receive your RA # and return instructions, send your bat along with a valid proof of purchase (sales receipt) to the Warranty Department. The sales receipt must be from an authorized dealer. Rawlings' warranty commitment is to the original owner and is not transferable. Rawlings DOES NOT accept receipts from PayPal, Paypoint, eBay or other auction websites.

    3. If the bat is deemed defective, Rawlings will send out a repaired or replacement bat.

    Rawlings has the right, as the manufacturer, to "mark" any bat they feel are not entitled to a warranty replacement. Rawlings will not honor any bats that have been altered. Alteration consists of: shaving, rolling, vicing, hitting objects other than balls with your bat and basically, "doctoring" your bat in any form in an attempt to affect the performance or characteristics of the bat. If Rawlings finds a bat has been altered, the warranty is null and void. Rawlings is also not responsible for any injury resulting in using an "altered bat."

    Bats must be received by our evaluators within the warranty time frame. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping their bat in for warranty consideration. We are not responsible for any bat that is lost during the shipping to our facility. Rawlings reserves the right to perform any testing that they deem necessary to determine whether the bat meets the warranty requirements. If the bat does not meet our requirements, it will be returned to the customer in it's condition after testing.


    Rawlings DOES NOT warranty any wood bats.


    There is a 1 year warranty on all baseball/softball gloves. Our warranty does not cover gloves that have been microwaved, placed in an oven, or over oiled.

    Warranties from Bat Manufacturers

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