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10 Reasons To Buy From

We stock what we sell.

When you buy from CloseoutBats, it ships from Closeoutbats. What we show on our website (unless it is a preorder) is in stock and ready to ship. We do not dropship from a manufacturer or have ridiculous lead times before your order will be available to ship.

We are an authorized dealer for every brand we sell.

Peace of mind is priceless, especially on the internet. Buy with the confidence that every product we sell comes to us directly from the manufacturer, and that we are recognized by all of the manufacturers as an authorized dealer. This means that if you ever need to exercise your warranty with a manufacturer, you can be confident that it will receive their full attention.

Fast service and attention to every order.

Our goal every day at is to provide the fastest possible turnaround on your order. We strive and typically exceed our goal to get every order received before 4 pm EST out the door THAT DAY. That is not a typo -- not 24-hour order processing, not 48-hour processing, but same-day processing. Of course, we are still bound by our carriers pick up times so if your order is received at 5 pm EST or later, it may not leave till the next day, but thereís a good chance it is already picked, packed, and sitting on the dock waiting for the next pickup.

Bringing you the best deals we can get!

We carry all the latest and greatest from all the best brands, but they come with the latest and greatest prices, too. If you are looking to save we can help. Day in and day out we work with every manufacturer searching to get and bring to you the best deals out there. We want every one of our players to have an opportunity to get the best possible performance at the lowest possible cost. If youíre a seasoned travel player, just starting out, or anywhere in between, we want to be able to find a piece of equipment that not only fits the playerís needs but also fits your walletís needs.

If you have questions, we are here to listen and help.

By phone or by email we are here at the warehouse, willing and able to answer any questions you may have about the products we sell or to help you find that perfect deal you may not know about on our site.

Beginning-to-end visibility of your order.

We ship throughout the United States from coast to coast. Every time you place an order with us, you will receive a confirmation after you complete your order with tracking information about your order the moment it leaves our building. This allows you to watch your order from our door to yours.

Shop securely on our site.

Shop on our site and check out securely, knowing that we use state-of-the-art protection to keep your information safe. These are scary times and it seems like a new threat to identity theft is always looming. We have chosen our service providers based on their ability to keep our customers and ourselves safe from whatever threat shows up next.

Over 20 years of softball and baseball equipment knowledge!

From top to bottom our staff works at being the most knowledgeable we can be about all of the equipment we sell. That knowledge is over two decades of experience to help bring you the best brands from the best manufacturers at the best prices.

Excellent return policy.

Despite our best efforts, there may come a time when you may need to return an item you bought. Donít worry, you have 30 days to return an item you purchased, as long as it is still brand new in its packaging, for a refund less the outbound shipping we paid to send it to you. Please see our return policy page for details.

For the love of the game!

All businesses need to be profitable in order to stay in business and we are no different. Itís the love of the game that sparks the passion to get up every day and try to do it better than everyone else. When we come to the shop each morning we donít sit around and have an operations meeting on how we can get more money out of our customers. We focus on what we are doing ... helping baseball and softball players get what they need to do what they love. To be successful, we believe that our best customer is the one we can watch grow up through all of their years of play. From tee ball through little league, to high school to college and beyond, nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than knowing that we have been there through it all. Talk with someone who has done business with us and they should say, ďI have been buying from them for years.Ē


Warranties from Bat Manufacturers

At Closeout Bats we stock what we sell! We have a huge warehouse and are NOT drop shipping bats like many web sites. We update inventory and availability on the Web site several times a day as inventory positions change shipping hundreds and hundeds of bats. We also sell bats out of our physical store, so sometimes things sell out before we can get them off the Web site.

Limited quantities available. Prices subject to change without notice. Like we say, if it's on the site, it's in the warehouse -- just SOMETIMES it might have some other player's name on it! If you snooze, you lose, so ORDER YOURS NOW!

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