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Axe Avenge Pro 3 2-5/8" Youth USA Bat -10oz (2024)

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  • 3-piece hybrid
  • Fast swing weight
  • NEW CNC Precision Barrel Technology -- every millimeter of Axe's variable wall alloy barrel is tuned for optimal performance and speed, eliminating unnecessary weight at every point on the barrel. The key feature is the grooves, which allow the barrel wall to be as strong as a thick wall but perform and weigh as light as a thin wall.
  • NEW Armor Alloy Ultra barrel undergoes a special heat treatment to increase its strength and allow it to flex without denting or cracking. Armor Ultra technology takes barrel performance to a new level with the thinnest and liveliest sweet spot to date.
  • NEW Charged Carbon Ultra Handle is Axe's most advanced carbon composite that utilizes a complex polymer matrix to keep individual layers thin maximizing weight savings and performance. The toughened resin allows the barrel to perform longer and right at the allowable performance limit.
  • NEW Shock Suspension 2 connection technology intercepts vibration at the connection point before it reaches your hands. The result is a smoother, more comfortable, and higher-performing swing.
  • Patented Pro Standard Axe Handle provides an even better connection and fit, so you can swing faster with more control every time up.
  • NEW HyperWhip 2 Composite end cap -- sleek design and the carbon materials save weight at the tip of the bat for a faster, more efficient swing and larger barrel.

  • Axe Bat Avenge Pro 3 2-5/8" Youth USA Bat L194M -10oz (2024)

    Axe Bat Avenge Pro 3 2-5/8" Youth USA Bat L194M -10oz (2024)

    USA Baseball Certified Youth Bat

    USA Baseball Certified Youth Bat

    The 2018 USABat standard will allow youth baseball organizations in the United States to reach their goal of establishing a wood-like standard, a standard that will provide for the long-term integrity of the game.

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    Axe Bat | L194M |


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