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Marucci Capitol Gloves

Marucci Capitol Series 53A2 11.5" Infield Glove MFG2CP53A2-AG-TF (2024)
Marucci Capitol Series 14K2 11.75" Infield/Pitcher's Glove MFG2CP14K2-CM-R (2024)
Marucci Capitol Series 45A3 12" Infield Glove MFG2CP45A3-MT-R (2024)

Marucci Capitol 53A2 11.5" MFG2CP53A2-AG-TF

Sale! $359.95
Save: $20.00 (5% off)

Marucci Capitol 14K2 11.75" MFG2CP14K2-CM-R

Sale! $359.95
Save: $20.00 (5% off)

Marucci Capitol 45A3 12" MFG2CP45A3-MT-R

Sale! $359.95
Save: $20.00 (5% off)

Marucci Capitol Series 45A6 12" Infield/Pitcher's Glove MFG2CP45A6-BK-CM (2024)
Marucci Capitol Series 78R3 12.75" Outfield Glove MFG2CP78R3-R-MT (2024)
Marucci Capitol Series 39S1 13" First Base Mitt MFG2CP39S1-BK (2024)

Marucci Capitol 45A6 12" MFG2CP45A6-BK-CM

Sale! $359.95
Save: $20.00 (5% off)

Marucci Capitol 78R3 12.75" MFG2CP78R3-R-MT

Sale! $359.95
Save: $20.00 (5% off)

Marucci Capitol 39S1 13" MFG2CP39S1-BK

Sale! $359.95
Save: $20.00 (5% off)

Marucci Capitol Series 11.5" Infield Glove MFG2CP42A2-BK/GT (2024)

Marucci Capitol 11.5" MFG2CP42A2-BK/GT

Sale! $359.95
Save: $20.00 (5% off)



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